We are proud of the particular reputation and expertise Wyvern Partners has developed in certain sectors.


Wyvern have advised on a wide range of transactions in the Human Capital Services sector, providing management-advisory, debt-advisory and private-equity M&A services to both buyers and sellers. For more information, contact Peter Bowman

The Asset & Wealth Management industry is changing. This evolution has been driven by increasing transparency, the resultant fee pressures, much increased regulatory scrutiny, and ­– in the case of active managers – performance pressure and challenge from the continuing growth of passive funds. Smaller operations are increasingly uneconomic and opportunities will arise for acquisitive businesses with good access to funding.

Benefit from specialist advice from the experts

Asset & Wealth Management is a recent addition to Wyvern’s sector specialisms. However we’ve drawn on our broad experience and track record to make it a natural part of our advisory portfolio.

Our Asset & Wealth Management team is led by our Chairman, Philip Swatman. His extensive deal expertise is derived from thirty years’ experience at Rothschilds.

Contact Philip Swatman to find out how our Asset & Wealth Management skills could benefit your business. 

The trust and fund administration sector is undergoing a period of unprecedented change. Triggered by regulation and fuelled by third-party capital (principally private equity) there has been substantial consolidation in the sector over the last decade.  Responding to client demands for wider geographic coverage and increased product sophistication global groups have emerged, whilst at the same time local high-quality specialists continue to thrive. 

This period of change has not yet run its course.  Recently we have seen more mergers between the bigger players in the sector and – intriguingly – the introduction of equity from listed capital markets into the sector.

Unrivalled expertise & understanding

At Wyvern Partners, we’ve been at the forefront of this change since 2002.
This gives us unparalleled understanding of the sector. Our lead partner in Trust & Fund Administration, Jonathan Smith, has advised on over 30 transactions, including almost all of the landmark cases.

Our clients
 include trust, corporate and fund administrators of all sizes – from small management-owned businesses to the largest international groups. We advise shareholders, management teams, private-equity firms and major global banking groups.

What we do:

We effect corporate sales, locate and execute acquisitions, advise management teams on MBOs and can help you raise equity capital and bank debt.

To see how our Trust & Fund Administration expertise could help you, contact Jonathan Smith.

Wyvern have acted on a number of transactions in the Business Services sector, providing management advisory, debt advisory and private equity M&A services to both buyers and sellers.

For more information, contact Peter Bowman 

Combining our experience in financial services and technology, Wyvern delivers tailored advice to clients in the Fintech sector.


Specialist advice across the sector

Our team’s expertise is wide reaching. From fully regulated exchange and trading platforms through to the payments sector, technology-enabled client verification and monitoring and surveillance. It also encompasses specialist providers of services to financial markets where there is a crossover with regulation.

For details on how we can meet your Financial Technology needs, contact Anthony Gahan.

In the changing landscape of media and technology, the opportunity for innovation and disruptive business models is driving growth and evolution. On one hand, established players are facing opportunities and threats to their traditional revenue streams. On the other, start-ups can gain huge profile very quickly – and have similarly dramatic financing needs.

What we do:

Wyvern Partners are experts in media content, media services, distribution platforms, communications, convergence and the promotion of brands and content.

For more information on our expertise in the Media, Communications & Marketing sector, contact Anthony Gahan.

In the evolving world of Data & insight Services, technology provides the response to market demands for faster, better and more actionable insight. This is often derived from a combination of internal and external data manipulation.

Knowledge across a broad range of areas

At Wyvern Partners, our Data & Insight Services team handles a variety of specialisms – from pure technology businesses (providing self-serve SaaS solutions to derive data-driven insight) to hybrid tech-enabled insight services groups, as well as the more traditional custom and syndicated research groups.

What we do:

Our team covers the full range of capabilities including surveys, insight communities, panels, mobile, ethnography, EFM, footfall and geolocation. 


For details of how our Data & Insight Services could benefit you, contact Anthony Gahan.

At Wyvern Partners, we’ve forged strong and deep personal relationships globally within the Consumer & Luxury Goods sector. These enable us to deliver insights, which help our clients shape their businesses to meet the rapidly changing demands of this marketplace.

Expert guidance & valuable advice

With our help, private-equity investors come to understand the approach to the peripatetic consumer. This includes key themes such as pluralist buying trends and bifurcated markets, to name just a couple.

Using our wealth of expertise, we offer advice to corporate clients on the development of their growth strategies, including advising on new market entry, consolidation moves in fragmented markets, horizontal and vertical integration and portfolio rationalisation. We also guide business owners on how best to position their businesses to maximise value. This can be a challenge in today’s consumer markets, especially given the impact of Chinese and Asian buyers, who have a very distinct approach to buying businesses compared to their Western peers.


We advise across the Consumer & Luxury Goods value chain, drawing on our in-depth experience of many sub-sectors including:


  •          Branded and private label food and beverages
  •          Everyday luxury goods
  •          Multi-channel retailing
  •          Specialist retailing
  •          Household products
  •          Food ingredients and nutraceuticals
  •          Protein supply and manufacturing
  •          Health and wellbeing
  •          Sports and leisure goods


For more information about our Consumer & Luxury Goods expertise, contact Andrew Robinson.